Now your becoming aware of your power, your life force essence that flows within you. In this course you will learn how to direct that flow from within to externally changing the matrix reality around you. Energetically you will start to feel more around you and pick up on other vibrations which will effect your soul growth and give you a greater understanding of how the divine flows and operates.
Learning how to deal with becoming an empath and being put into certain situations can be very challenging each situation look at it as a lesson to be learnt and grow from each experience.
You will start to resolve past traumas and emotional issues which you will need to face and release which will internally allow you to grow stronger when you release that fear. Addictions will start to come into play and learning on how to release them will leave you with a sense of achievement that you can take on any challenge and experience a greater level of health and well being.
Doing energy exercises heals your soul.
Your no longer a Padawan so its time to get serious about doing energy exercises daily this course will be very repetitive but your starting to understand how your body operates being energy itself the more you do energy exercises the quicker you heal your soul and your meridians.
You will fail more times then what you shall succeed but stick with it and your energy will grow and you will unlock some pretty big achievements you might of thought before were basically impossible to achieve.
Essentially you can already do but many are completely unaware so one must start to believe in themselves and there energy life force in order to achieve success.
Includes forum support and access to video lessons in the Padawan course and Apprentice course.