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Now that you have learn’t how to harness your power within and beaten fear in the dreamscape and physical you will start to notice your coming into your own power. Having no fear or being fearless is a strength many must learn to conquer and in this course you will learn how to do just that.
Everything starts to feel like its speeding up.
Progressing soul wise or leveling up starts to become more natural and your becoming more aware of the energy upgrades after going through energy shifts. Clearing out the old that is no longer required letting go and allowing new energy to flow in will start to show dramatic changes in your life externally as to who you are as a soul and how you operate and flow.
We will go over new exercises to advance and increase your awareness of the energy field you are in.
In this course you will learn how to enable your energy to flow different ways to perform different skills that will enhance your abilities.
Includes forum support and access to video lessons in the Padawan course, Apprentice course and Jedi course.