Hudson said that the naturally-occurring white powder is comprised of all the precious ORMEs in rather fixed proportions. He stated that each ORME affects a different gland (seal) of the body. Ancient literature says that the white powder of gold effects the seventh seal (the pineal gland), other white powders effect other seals. Hudson believes that proper spiritual usage would require that you take all the elements in their naturally-occurring proportions. That’s what the Egyptians did.
Although Hudson did make brief comments about the spiritual qualities of the white powder, we turn instead to the classic literature and to contemporary channelers to learn more about the spiritual qualities of the white powder. It has spiritual effects due to the physical effects of the white powder on each of the seven seals in the body. These are the seven spiritual centers. When all seven seals are open, the body takes on “Christ-like” characteristics.
A summary of some of the spiritual qualities that are imparted on anyone who takes the white powder internally follow. This list has been derived from a number of classical sources, both written and channelled, and has yet to be confirmed or rebutted by contemporary scientists. Hudson categorically states that his white powder is the same as that found in the ancient pyramids although he offers no independent scientific verification of his statement. Incidentally, contemporary channelers agree that Hudson’s material is the same as that found in the pyramids.)
Some of the literature which discusses the white powder include the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Bible, and The Red Lion. The spirit entity known as Ramtha teaches about the white powder in his contemporary School of Enlightenment in Yelm, Washington. It has been variously known throughout the ages as “the eye of Horus, manna, the holy grail, and the elixir of life.
Restoration of Youth and Vitality
Opening of the Third Eye
Opens the Gateway to the Next Dimension
Allows for the Instant Manifestation of Thought
Lifts the Veil from Prior Lives
Offers Extraordinary Knowingness
Enables Levitation
Enables Ascension
It is said in ancient literature that anyone who uses the white powder will develop a halo about his body. Much channelled information is available about each of these but for the purposes of this report, they are not listed.
Potential consumers of the white powder for spiritual purposes are encouraged to first read The Red Lion to become more aware of the potential consequences. There is reason to believe that the white powder can be effective in the treatment of both cancer and AIDS. Clinical tests are currently underway. There are physiological reasons to believe these claims. It has been observed that ORMEs work to repair damaged DNA strands in the human body. Do not view it as a “cure-all” patent medicine, however. Nonetheless, the long-term side effects are truly awesome. Some people who are taking “look-alike” white powder products are not experiencing these side effects because the “look-alike” products are not the “real thing.”
Although these monatomic minerals will readily dissolve in the weak hydrochloric stomach acids, and thereby readily enter the bloodstream, both in vitro and in vivo tests have shown that no heavy metal toxicity is associated with these materials. Indeed, the Certificate of Analysis, issued by an independent testing lab, on the product shows that no heavy metals (other than the ordinary trace amounts) appear to be present. Also, no negative side effects have been observed by long term users, nor have blood or kidney tests of these users indicated any type of toxicity whatsoever.

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