Dream Energy Academy

Truly wonderful is the mind of a soul first waking up to its surroundings. When a soul firsts gets activated or goes through the awakening process it can be scary at times but also an exhilarating ride. It can bring in some amazing new experiences that are so profound it can leave you in tears of joy, happiness, and feelings of bliss. One must have an open mind but question everything for nothing is impossible if one puts their mind to it. Which has lead you to this path right now which is discovering energy exercises and integrating your dreams into your daily life.  It can be a rough ride at times if you find yourself all alone with feelings of not being able to talk to anyone because you might feel all around you are consciously unaware including your family or loved ones. Well your not alone anymore so think of this academy as your new family so you do have people to talk to that have more than likely have been through what you are experiencing right now or have experienced it with the awakening process. This is one beautiful amazing soul ride to be on and I couldn’t think of a better experience than being on it and around others who are experiencing the same thing.
In this course, you will realize your true limitless potential, supercharge your energy and clear any blockages preventing you from living your life in happiness and no fear. We will help you understand your dreams what they mean and give away secrets in the dreamscape that not many others know about. Includes forum support and access to video lessons in the Padawan course. There will be group live video sessions via Skype where you can ask questions with one of our teachers to help you progress quicker if you are stuck on something. I am a star wars fan so i thought it would be fun to have cool course names because the movies remind me of self-realization of finding your power within, everyone has to start somewhere even though we are all one with the divine.